St Lukes Infant School 1893 to 2011 – Reborn 2013.


History of St Luke’s Infant School, Moorbottom, Cleckheaton.

The Building.

Following a notice in 1892 from the education department that additional school places for 150 infants should be made in the parish a new school at the rear of the church was planned. The architects were Messrs Castle and Howarth. The plans were approved and building commenced in February 1893 with completion by October of the same year.


St Luke’s infant school was opened on the morning of 3rd October to serve as an extension to the national school across the road which had been opened in 1862, the national school became known as the upper school and served the community until closure in 1947. The first Headmistress was Miss Annie Clark who was supported by one pupil teacher and two half time moniteresses.

The school was a church school and was subject to regular diocesan inspection with testing on religious education and singing, it was built to accommodate a total of 203 children but thankfully the roll was only 112.

Oct 20th – On Monday morning 31 children went over to the other school for Standard 1 learning, 86 on books. Elsie Smith commenced this week as Mistress for the babies. Florence Walker has gone over to the senior school but Lucy Clayton is to remain here for the present – Oct 27th – Clara Hargreaves commenced this week as Mistress – Nov 3rd – The stem pipes have been heated for the first time today. The infants have this week had to spend two mornings in the old school in consequence of the cold and the heating apparatus not being in working order – Nov 14th – Received the report of examination that took place on October 10th by H.M.I. Mr Sedgwick, the following is a copy:-  Infants class……The work is of a generally satisfactory standard but the arithmetic of the first class is a little backward and more important might well be attached to object lessons. The infants are now in suitable premises, a few more desks are however required for the younger children and a better supply of pictures is desirable.

The grants obtained are as follows;-

Fixed Grant……9/-,  Variable………..4/-,  Needlework……1/-,  Singing…………1/-,  Grant on average attendance…..15/-

Boys 37)

Girls 30.6) –68

Grant claimable £51-0-0


Nov 23rd – Only a dozen children came to school today due to the severe snow storm that took place during the night.


Oct 28th – Sanger’s circus paid a visit to town, the children were given a half day holiday.


Nov 8th – The report of H.M.I. for the year ending September 30th 1901 has been received and is as follows:-  The new mistress has worked very diligently and good progress has been made during the year. A piano would be of great service.

C Dodson, certified teacher

H A Alderson 3rd year Pupil teacher

B Clayton 1st year Pupil teacher

M A Brearley probationer

W Higginson chairman

Dec 5th – Harriet A Alderson will be absent from school all next week being a candidate for the Kings scolaeship exam which commences on Tuesday December 10th-Dec 19th – School broke up this morning for the Christmas holidays, Christmas concert this evening.


Dec 18th – School broke up for the Christmas holidays this afternoon, Florence Wooler terminates her engagement in this school today.


Jan 5th – Reopened school this morning, M Roberts is to take F Woolers place – Feb 6th – Notice has been received that the scripture exam is to take place February 23rd.


Miss Emily Rouse commenced duties as a supplementary teacher.


June 4th – The Head teacher was absent from school yesterday suffering from a bad throat and biliousness. Received yesterday an eight day time piece from John Dyson of Leeds – June 5th – Closed school this afternoon for the Whitsuntide holiday – July 10th – Attendance down to 76 due to a lot of sickness – July 13th – Miss N G Brearley has been appointed certificated assistant in this dept. from August 1st 1908. She has hitherto only attended half days but from this morning is attending the whole day – July 22nd – This morning class one and two were taken into the school garden for a lesson on “A Garden” – July 31st – The attendance this week is poor, the average being only 74.%, there is a lot of sickness in the school. Monday being a bank holiday the school will be closed all day – Aug 4th – Miss Annie E Adams commenced duties as a pupil teacher today. Miss Sarah E Sellers who has now completed her apprenticeship returned to school this morning, until her appointment to the post of UA. (Recieved four Kindergarten babies and sixteen babies chairs) – Aug 7th – Closed school this afternoon for the midsummer holiday – Sept 11th – Visited Rawden Hill School. The attendance this week has been good the average being 91, Miss Sarah E Sellers has been appointed UA to the mixed department – Dec 1st – The attendance this week has been seriously affected by the dense fog.


April 28th –  Dr Sutherland the medical officer called in school this morning owing to the prevalence of “Whooping cough and Measles” which continue to get worse – May 5th – Dr Sutherland called in school again this morning, only 23 children present, 77 are ill. Owing to the prevalence of Whooping cough and measles the school has been ordered to close this afternoon until Monday May 23rd – May 23rd – Returned to school this morning only 32 children present – May 25th – The medical officer has again ordered the school to be closed owing to the continued prevalence of measles and Whooping cough – June 20th – Reopened school this morning with the attendance at 44 – July 8th – Miss Parker, mistress of Brougham road infant school, Shipton visited the school this afternoon – July 13th – This afternoon the children were asembled at 1:15pm and at 3:45pm and were taken into the hay field to watch the men cutting the hay – July 18th – Annie Adams, pupil teacher is absent from school today, sitting for arithmetic at the Oxford local examination board. Mrs Crossland, a member of the district sub-commitee paid a short visit to the school this afternoon.


Aug 5th – The Head teacher has been absent ill for the last two days – Aug 7th – MissHannah M Codington resigned her position as Head teacher of this school today. School closed this afternoon for the midsummer holiday – Sept 7th – Miss Ethel M Taylor commenced her duties as Head teacher of the infant department today with assistant Miss N Brearley and Miss E Rouse. School is opened after the summer holiday. Jack Reid aged 4 died from the effects of poisoning this morning.


Sept 27th – Miss Rouse was absent from school after scalding her foot – Oct 1st – Notice was recieved that the official name of the school was to be “Spenborough St Lukes School” school number 17. – Oct 14th – Advanced notice was given that the scripture examination was to be held in the school on November 5th.


Jan 8th – School reopened this morning after the Christmas holiday. Miss Emily Simpson commenced her student teacher ship in this department today – Jan 19th – Poor attendance on Monday morning owing to heavy fall of snow, temperature’s in school for the three rooms were 42f, 43f, 46f respectively – Feb 5th / 6th – On both days the children were sent home due to unacceptable temperatures in school – July 10th – The caretaker whitewashed the WC’s today after cleaning them out thoroughly. The school nurch and doctor visited school today – July 16th – The head teacher returned to school at 10:15am today after a fortnights absence owing to illness – July 17th – Miss Taylor did not reach school till 10:20am this morning, not being well. The head teacher gave Miss Rouse permission to leave school at 2:45pm this afternoon – July 23rd – The head teacher was again not well and did not reach school untill 10:00am this morning. Miss Simper, student teacher he a visit to the school terminated her student teacher ship today in order to accompany the secondary school students for a week in the country – July 30th – The school nurse made a visit to the school today.


March 28th – 22 children transferred to upper school – (Monday) Mrs Speight terminated her engagement as supply teacher today – April 1st – Mrs J Townend has been transferred from the upper department and commenced duty in this school today as an unqualified assistant – April 2nd – The school nurse visited school this morning and intends to call upon several parents re tonsils and defective eyesight of various scholars – April 17th – Closed at noon for Easter holidays – April 28th – School reopened this morning after the Easter holidays – May 14th – Miss Taylor being ill is absent from school today – May 15th – Miss Taylor returned to school today – May 21st – The school nurse weighed and measured all children present this afternoon – June 5th – Thursday, school closed for Whitsuntide holiday until Tuesday June 17th – June 30th – School closed all day in consequence of signing of Peace Treaty Saturday 28thJuly 7th – Monday, Miss Taylor being ill was absent form school all day – July 8th – Miss Taylor returned to school today, also the school nurse called this morning – July 21st – School closed all day on account of local peace celebrations – July 22nd – Notice has been received that the midsummer holiday this year will be extended to five weeks – July 29th – Merit holiday for July taken this afternoon – Aug 1st – School closed this afternoon for the midsummer holidays until September 9th – Sept 29th – Mrs Townend being ill is absent from school this afternoon – Oct 2nd – Mrs Townend returned to school today – Oct 27th – Monday, Miss Rouse is absent from school suffering from a severe sore throat. The head teacher being ill did not reach school till 10am this morning – Nov 3rd – Miss Rouse is still absent suffering from tonsillitis. Mrs J. E. Townend has charge of the babies and classes 1 and 2, all being grouped together as much as possible – Nov 11th – The scripture examination is to be held this morning after which the school will be closed for the day – Nov 21st – The pipes were cold at 9am, after marching, skipping, games etc.for two hours the children were dismissed at 11:20am owing to the extreme cold – Dec 1st – Miss Scorer has been transferred from the upper school.


Feb 28th Being the occasion of the marriage of H. R. H. Princess Mary, the school will be closed for the whole day. Sept 15th On roll 115, 44 admitted from Westgate infants.  Miss Gladys Drake commenced duties in this department as certified assistant on September 12th having been transferred from Westgate C. infants school, now closed. Sept 20th. Miss Taylor being ill is absent from school today. Sept 21stNotice has been given that the diocesan  inspection will be held on Tuesday October 3rd . Sept 25th. Miss Taylor being is absent today owing to being ill.  Sept 26thMiss Cotton, the late headmistress of Westgate C. infants school visited this school this afternoon to complete the summery and form ix for the Westgate school records.  Oct 3rdThe scripture examination will be held this morning after which the school will be closed for the day.


New gas fittings have been installed throughout the school.


Oct 30thThe new vicar of St Luke’s the Rev A Morris visited this morning.

The school will close at 4pm till Wednesday next November 7th the half term holiday being on Nov 5th and Tues 6th.

Nov 20thThe school attendance officer called and the school nurse paid her weekly visit.

Nov 23rd.  The report by H.M.I. Mr Vaughan Taylor after an inspection held by Mr M Bessly on Oct 8th and Oct 12th has been viewed and is as follows:- This is a good school where the teachers skilful preparation of the lessons and an adequate supply of neat booklets and  home apparatus are founded on understanding of sound  methods.

A report by the Vicar Alexander Morris (pages 25,26,27 of log for 1928) gave a view of a very happy and productive school.

The school nurse continued her weekly visits along with occasional visits by the school attendance officer.

Dec 10th.   Miss Dixon from St James C.E. school Brighouse paid a visit of observation to this dept. today.

Dec 12th.   Miss A Fairburn of St Chads C.E. school, Hove Edge, Lightcliffe spent the day in this dept. on a visit of observation having been recommended  to this school by H.M.I. Mr Bessly.

Dec 21st

Closed school for Christmas holiday at noon.

The temperature has been unsatisfactory during the past fortnight owing to a leakage in the boiler. It is hoped that the necessary repairs will be carried out during the holiday.


Jan 8th.

Reopened school this morning and admitted 8 new children, also a visit was made by the school nurse and the attendance officer.

Jan 9th.

Owing to a leak in the boiler there can be no heat on and the temperature is 40° Fahrenheit in all the rooms.

Repairs completed this morning but fire cannot be lit till this afternoon.

Temperature at 4pm were 48° and 50°.

Jan 11th.

Attendance for week is 79% this is owing to the cold and snowy weather.

Feb 4th.

A medical inspection was held in the parish room, about 18 infants were examined.

Feb 6th.

The school dentist visited and held a dental inspection of all children present in the parish room.

Feb 12th.

The school nurse paid her weekly visit in the morning, school closed at lunch time for half day holiday as it was Shrove Tuesday.

Feb 14th.

Mr Fred Watson, Headmaster of Copley C. School, Halifax, visited this dept. today with the infants Mistress from the same school. Their visit was the outcome of a supposition made by H.M.I. Mr Bessly.

Feb 15th.

The temperature of this dept. at 9am has been this week:- 42°, 40°, 43°, 42°, 38°. The matter has been reported to the director.

March 1st.   

Mr V Taylor H.M.I. and Mr Thornton H.M.I. visited the school this morning to inspect the building.

Miss Taylor left school at 2:15pm to be present at the opening of the new Heaton Avenue Council school at 2:30pm

March 8th.    

Attendance for week 77%, influenza prevalent.

March 14th

Miss Denton, Headmistress of Siddal school, Halifax visited this dept. today accompanied by a number of her staff.

March 15th

A sudden decrease in attendance during the last two days is owing to the spread of influenza.

March 14th

Attendance for week 59% owing to an epidemic of influenza.

March 27th

The Vicar Alexander Morris did his regular check of the registers and found them correct.

March 28th

Closed at noon for Easter holidays.

Transferred 24 children to standard 1 at Heaton avenue C school.

Transferred 7 children to St Luke’s senior dept.

April 9th

Reopened school after Easter holiday, the school nurse paid her weekly visit and carried out a cleanliness inspection, the attendance officer also called.

May 9th

The children attended Ascension day service in church at 11:30am after which school closed for rest of day.

May 13th

Miss Taylor and Miss Drake both absent suffering from Tonsillitis.

May 15th

Miss Drake returned to duty today.

May 17th

Closed school for Whitsuntide holiday.

May 28th.

Reopened school after Whitsuntide holiday and Miss Taylor returned to duty after her illness, the school nurse paid her weekly visit.

May 30th.

“General Election” all schools in this area closed for the day. 

May 31st.  

There is much sickness prevalent. Cases of scarlet Fever, Measles, Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough and Small Pox have been reported during the week.

June 24th

H.M. inspector Miss Cox spent the morning in school.

The attendances continue to be low due to epidemic illness with and outbreak of measles at the end of July.

Aug 1st.

School closed at noon for the elementary school sports that were to be held in the afternoon.

Aug 2nd.

Attendance for week 40% due to measles.

Aug 5th.

Bank holiday Monday, school closed all day.

Aug 9th

Closed at noon for midsummer holiday.

The interior of the school is to be colour washed and varnished by S Sutton of Gomersal.

Sept 10th

Reopened school after midsummer holiday, admitted 9 new scholars.

Sept 13th

The school floors are now being swept with “Bismo” instead of sawdust, the walls have been cleaned and colour washed and furniture varnished. The ceiling has been done in a primrose shade. The cleanliness and brightness of the building is greatly appreciated this term.

Sept 17th

The school nurse paid her weekly visit and a dental inspection was held.

School life continued during the rest of the year with half term holiday November 1st till November 6th and school closed for Christmas at noon December 20th.


Jan 7th

Reopened school after Christmas holidays.

Jan 30th

Miss Taylor granted leave of absence to visit Pellon Lane C. School, Halifax to see Miss Davis head of Infants and junior dept.

Fed 28th

Attendance for week is 73%, the drop in attendance is due to an outbreak of “Chickenpox”, chickenpox cases continue to spread.

March 4th

The school nurse paid her weekly visit, and school closed at 12 noon for a half day holiday for “Shrove Tuesday”.

March 7th.  

Attendance for week down to 60% due to continued spread of Chicken Pox.

March 31st.

Transferred 9 children to St Luke’s Upper department and 10 children to Heaton avenue county school, average attendance for year 80%.

April 3rd.

The new attendance officer Mr Wilfred Whittaker called in school this morning.

School closed at noon April 17th for Easter holidays and reopened April 29th.

May 29th.

Ascension day service in church at 11:30am after which school closed for rest of day.

School closed from 6th to 17th for Whitsuntide holiday.

July 25th.

Attendance for week 73% due to stormy weather and general sickness.

July 28th.

A new fairy tale frieze has just been completed by the staff for class 2 wall, and finally varnished by H Burnhill.

July 30th.

School was closed in the afternoon on the occasion of the school sports day.

Aug 5th.

H.M.I. Mr Bessly called in school this afternoon for the purpose of inspecting the registers.

School closed today, 8th August, at noon and reopened September 9th for summer holiday.

Sept 9th.

Transferred 10 children to Heaton avenue junior school.

Oct 10th.

At the invitation of the education committee, Miss Taylor this afternoon attended the official opening of South Parade Modern school.

Oct 28th.

Miss Drake was absent today due to illness.

Oct 29th.

Miss Drake returned to school today.

Oct 31st.

Diocesan inspection today by Rev Dunning.

School will be closed Monday and Tuesday next for the mid-term holiday.

Nov 5th.

Re-opened after half term holiday.

H.M.I. Mr Bessly called in school this morning to request that specimens of design work be forwarded to a refresher course at Scarborough.
Nov 26th.

H.M. Inspectors Mr Bessly and Mr Wilkins called this morning to view the design work. Miss Rouse has been granted leave of absence on Friday afternoon And all day Monday December 1st to attend the refresher course at Scarborough.
Nov 27th.

The report on religious instruction has been received and is as follows:- The Rev E.M. Dunning reports:-              My visit to this school was a very pleasant one. In the infants department there are three groups, and great use is made of expression work. The ingenuity shown by the children in using their varied assortment of material was most striking. They were very ready to describe their work to explain what it illustrated. They sang very sweetly with marked attention to articulation. It was evident that the teachers are most diligent in their work, I was most pleased with all I saw.

Dec 19th.

Closed at noon for Christmas holidays.


Jan 6th.

Reopened after Christmas holiday with visit’s from school nurse and attendance officer.

Jan 13th.

Mr Bessly H.M.I. called this afternoon to convey thanks for the exhibition of Design work contributed by this department to the refresher course held at Scarborough in December.

Feb 17th.

Shrove Tuesday, half day holiday.

Feb 18th.

H.M.I. Mr V Taylor called in school this afternoon.

Feb 20th.

A dental inspection was held this morning.

Feb 24th.

Miss Jubb from Knowl Bank infants school, Huddersfield visited the school this morning to see the scheme of design work being carried out.

Miss Lindley form Birkby C. school, Huddersfield this afternoon.

Feb 25th.

Mr J Brooke, school manager, visited the school this morning to see the “Design” display.

St Luke’s infants 1932~1933


St Luke’s school about 1937


St Luke’s school hall 1937


St Luke’s school 1938


May 18th.

Ascension day service in church 11:30am after which school will close for the day.

May 19th.

Fire drill taken.

May 20th.

Closed for Whitsuntide holiday at noon.

June 20th.

School closed this afternoon for school sports.

June 30th.

School closed for annual excursion. (Wales.)

July 13th.

Mothers attended from 3 to 4pm to see a display:- P.T. games, music and movement, and selections from Percussion band work. Also present were Mr J.W.H. Bury, Rev J.G. Simpson and councillor A Lucksmith

 Aug 3rd.

School will be closed for Bank holiday Monday.

Aug 8th.

Miss Rouse is absent this week having leave of absence for eye operation.

Aug 11th.  

Closed at noon for midsummer holidays.

Sept 12th.

Owing to outbreak of war the schools in Spenborough have postponed re-opening till further notice.

Miss Rouse is unable to report at school today as her sight is not yet normal.

Nov 2nd.

Sent out letters to children 5 years and over to attend school on Monday 6th November.

Nov 6th.

Reopened school, Miss Rouse returned to duty, 23 children over 5 years on roll.

Nov 10th.

Daily practice has been taken this week in putting on Gas masks and also dressing and assembling in the air raid shelter.

Nov 17th.

Daily practice has been taken this week in putting in Gas mask drill and assembly in shelter. A hurricane lamp has been provided.

Nov 20th.

Owing to war time lighting restrictions the afternoon lesson is from 1:15pm to 3:15pm.

Nov 24th.

Daily practice has been taken this week in gas mask drill and assembly in the air raid shelter.

Dec 1st, 15th, 21st.

Daily practice in gas mask drill taken. Water in shelters prevented assembly therein.

School closed at 3:15pm on 21st December for Christmas holidays which was curtailed to one week, re-opening on January 2nd 1940, during holidays workmen commenced drainage of air raid shelters.


Jan 2nd.

Reopened school this morning, air raid shelters are now drained and walls white washed.

Jan 3rd.

Assembly of both dept.’s was tried today and there is ample room for all children in the air raid shelter.

Jan 12th.

Seats are now completed  in the air raid shelter; daily practice has been taken in assembling and gas mask drill.

Jan 19th.

Attendance low due to extreme cold and snow.

Jan 22nd.

Children of 4 years of age may now be re-admitted from today by consent of the education committee.

Jan 26th.

Repairs to the boiler for the upper dept. have necessitated the lower part of the school being accommodated in this dept. for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Miss Gaunt in charge.

Jan 29th.

School  meeting  abandoned on account of  inclement weather – heavy snowfall and  road impassable, numbers  present 14. The junior sections of the upper dept. are still accommodated in the nursery room.


Miss Taylor retired and Miss Eatough  was appointed Headmistress.


July 14th.

Mothers were invited to at 3:30pm today to see the new decorations in the school.

Class one played selections from  percussion band repertoire, 41 mothers attended.

July 29th.

I Ethel M T Taylor relinquish my post as Head teacher of this school today.

School closed for mid-summer holiday till September 6th.

Sept 6th.

Today I start my duties as Head Mistress of this school, Annie Margery Eatough.

School was re-opened today after the summer holidays. Eight children have been transferred to standard one at Heaton ave J+I school, nine children were admitted making a total of 46 on roll.

Sept 30th.

Children took Harvest gifts into church and a short service was held.

Oct 21st.

Closed for mid term holiday reopened on October 31st.

Nov 4th.

Nurse Day brought five student nurses for observation visit this morning. They saw both classes using apparatus and watched class one and two doing physical activities and a road safety exercise. Toys and apparatus were on display.

Nov 14th.

A medical inspection took place in school this morning.

Nov 29th.

A dental inspection took place in school this morning.

Dec 6th.

Nurse Day brought seven more student nurses for observation visit, they saw both classes using apparatus and  toys, they watched both class one and two doing physical activities and a Christmas play, toys and apparatus were on display.

Dec 14th.

This afternoon we held a mothers Christmas afternoon, each class presented a play, recited and sang songs, mothers were able to inspect children’s work.

Dec 20th.

This afternoon we held our Christmas party, we played games, had tea and each child had a present from Santa Claus before leaving, also a cracker was presented by Miss Taylor.

Dec 22nd.

This afternoon we closed school for the Christmas holidays.


Spring 1957

Spring 1957

June 5th.

School trip to St Anne’s.

Sept 9th.

School closed on July 26th for summer holidays and reopened September 9th . Miss Eileen Black was appointed temporally till end of term.

Dec 11th.

Mothers open day.

Dec 18th.

School Christmas party.

Dec 20th.

Break up for Christmas.

St Luke’s school with teacher Miss Eiline Black 1957.


Jan 6th.

Return to school after Christmas.

March 15th.

Diocesan inspection by Rev Canon H Corkett, occasional holiday taken in afternoon.

April 8th.

Municipal elections holiday.

May 15th.

Ascension Day occasional holiday.

July 25th.

Closed school for summer holiday.

Arranged that Mr Peel of Dewsbury should carry out improvements to the washing up facilities the summer holidays.

Sept 8th.

Return to school.

Nov 1st.

Adult meals increased from 1/9d to 1/11d.

Dec 10th.

Mothers afternoon.

Dec 15th.

School Christmas party.

Dec 19th.

Close for Christmas, Miss Black resigned to go to college.

St Luke’s infants 1958


Jan 5th.

Reopen after Christmas holidays, Miss Armitage appointed in Miss Blacks place.

Feb 6th.

Mid term holiday.

Feb 11th.

Reopen after mid term holiday.

Mar 4th.

Diocese’s inspection – holiday afternoon.

Mar 26th.

Close for Easter holidays.

Apr 6th.

Return to school.

May 15th.

Break up for Whitsuntide holiday.

June 1st.

Reopen after Whitsuntide holiday.

June 17th.

Miss Armitage away in the afternoon.

June 18th.

Miss Armitage away all day.

St Luke’s reading lesson, top class 1959-60
Head Teacher Miss Etough



St Luke’s term 1959-60


Under the reorganisation of schools St Luke’s infants now became a 5 to 9 year First school and was known as St Luke’s CE (A) First School.The unused outdoor class room at Heaton avenue school was transported to St Luke’s and became the Elliot classroom.


The school lost its church aided status and became CE controlled this meant local authority control and money.


The outside toilets were removed as they were becoming a hygiene concern and were no longer required, new indoor toilets were constructed along with a staff gallery.


July 9th.

The school centenary was celebrated at St Luke’s church today.


June 18th.

During the funeral at St Luke’s Church of Sergeant Christian Hickey today the children stood in silence in the playground as a sign of respect while the funeral cortège passed.


This will be the final year of St Luke’s school as it will merge with Moorend first school with the latest reorganisation of schools in the Spen Valley and will become one on the site of what was Whitechapel Middle school.

Further Facts.

First Head teacher Miss Annie Clark 1893-1901

Longest serving head teacher Miss Ethel M Taylor, served for 35 years from 7th September 1914 till 29th July 1949.

Head teacher at final year of school 2011 Mrs E Amesbury.

A school inspector in 1897 suggested that the babies should have more pictures and be encouraged to talk, spending less time on slate work. Reading, writing and religious instruction were the foundation of the early curriculum.

Rebirth 2013.


St Luke's School. "Only sleeping".

St Luke’s School. “Only sleeping”.


My eyes are closed but I only sleep,

Remember I am quite old,

My timbers creak, my paint it flakes,

My class rooms are dark and cold.

But soon the sound of children’s voices will echo round my frame

And I will be a place of leaning and happiness once again.


January 2013 sees the rebirth of St Luke’s school this time as a nursery, the following photos show the inside of the school as it was in December 2012 during cleaning ready for nursery use with toys and equipment all ready brought in. Initially only the down stairs rooms will be used as they are deemed to be more secure but as the nursery expands the entire school will be used.

Inside St Lukes school 2012 (1)Inside St Lukes school 2012 (2)

Inside St Lukes school 2012 (3)Inside St Lukes school 2012 (6)

Inside St Lukes school 2012 (7)Inside St Lukes school 2012 (5)